What is MadeInSGProperty?

MadeInSGProperty was launched to provide individuals and groups, who are considering to invest in Singapore or to make Singapore their new home, a platform to obtain essential information about Singapore and Singapore Properties. We survey and provide unbiased reviews on Singapore Properties, guides on popular areas to live as well as investment deals and hotspots.

The Company

MadeInSGProperty was founded specifically to provide valuable information on Singapore and the Local Property Market, as a one-stop portal for all information, which is particularly useful for foreigners who have a lack of local Singapore knowledge. MadeInSGProperty was founded by an experienced group of property investors, property consultants and entrepreneurs whom have expertise in numerous industries in Singapore.

raymond chng   /   lead editor

“Health is Wealth” is what Raymond believes in, and it is not related only to your own body’s health, but it also refers to one’s financial health. Having a Property Portfolio that is not performing does not help improve an investor’s wealth. Hence, converting non-performing assets into optimized performing assets is essential to portfolio’s health improvement. Through MadeInSGProperty, he hopes that anyone interested in Singapore Properties can make better informed decisions from the knowledge base of the website.

Raymond graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management (Finance) from the Singapore Management University, and has been in the real estate industry for almost a decade. He believes that marrying financial analysis with real estate data is the future of real estate investment. He hopes to create a platform for Foreigners as a well as locals to better navigate the Singapore Property Market.

Jemus Er   /   Lead Editor

“Future-Focused” is what Jemus believes in. Being focused on the future of consumer’s preferences, he is the brainchild and strategist for the MadeInSGProperty brand. The future of our reader’s property journey is crucial, as in the past, there are investors who make less-informed decisions. With that in mind, Jemus hopes that a one stop portal can help anyone better navigate information about Singapore and Singapore Real Estate

In his free time, he helps consults ambitious individuals who strive to improve their personal stature, providing personal business and career direction advices. Everyone has the ability to unleash their potential if provided the right methods and advises.

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