Singapore is the safest country in the world for the third year running in global consultant Gallup’s Law and Order report.


Singapore has an index score of 97, which trumps three European countries Norway, Iceland, and Finland with scores of 93. At the bottom of the index lay Afghanistan (45) and Venezuela (44).


In most economically developed countries with strong rule of law, high majorities of residents say they feel safe walking alone in their areas at night, Gallup observed. About 94% of surveyed residents in Singapore agreed with this sentiment.



Similarly, according to the recently released World Justice Project (WJR) report, Singapore is seen as the most peaceful country in the world.


Besides being the safest country in the world, Singapore has the safest drinkable water from the Tap in South East Asia. To some, this is a huge factor because clean water is rarely available easily around the world. You can be sure that besides being safe, you will get clean water, cleaner air and clean environment to live, work and play.