Marina One Residences, the newest addition to Singapore’s City Skyline has been applauded by Marina Bay property owners. Having a Joint Venture Singapore and Malaysia Government project in Marina Bay creates certainty on the growth of the area. The addition of the new building which is designed a world renowned design team adds even more value to Marina Bay. Read on to find out why Marina Bay property owners are cheering at this new addition.



The Birth of Marina One


Marina One Residences is the creation of a landmark collaboration between Malaysia’s Khazanah Nasional Berhad and Singapore’s Temasek Holdings which owns 60:40 respectively. The work of two governments have made this development the new talk of the town when it was launched in 2014. High net-worth individuals globally who wanted a piece of history flocked to purchase the units.


Unveiling Ceremony with Singapore and Malaysia’s Prime Minister 


In order to appreciate and understand the importance of Marina One Residences to Singapore. We first need to understand that Marina Bay is the new CBD in Singapore and Marina One Residences is located at the heart of Marina Bay. The Masterplan for Marina Bay shows that the heaviest investments by the Singapore Government is Marina Bay.



Unmatched Location



There is no other place that has more importance than Marina Bay, which will eventually be extended and linked with the Greater Southern Waterfront City as part of the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Master Plan 2014 – Central Area . The URA Masterplan is released every five years and the 2014 Master Plan showed the most comprehensive transformation of the Central Business District and its surrounding areas. In every country, the Business District is a key area, the same is also true for Singapore as Asia’s Financial Hub.



If that doesn’t excite you, there are 4 MRT lines that converge at Marina Bay. This shows the importance of Marina Bay as the new CBD, a current and future busy destination for well-heeled Singaporeans and Expats working in the FinTech, AI and Blockchain industry.



The biggest network of underground walkways is also at Marina Bay. Walking from Marina One Residences or the rest of Marina Bay to landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands will be free of heat and weather. Rushing for meetings around Marina Bay can be more comfortable and perhaps sweat-less.



Property collectors and investors know that location and masterplan are important factors that determines capital growth. What they also know is that how a property is built, the environment created by the facilities and nearby amenities affects the lifestyle of owners and tenants, which in turn affects the rentability of the units. There is no such issue at Marina One Residences. The proper triangulation of factors were thought out by the architects and design team.


The Dream Design Team


Christian Ingenhoven of Ingenhoven Architects


The entire project is designed by Ingenhoven Architects, a world renowned architectural studio with its expertise in sustainable design. Founded by 1985 by Christoph Ingenhoven, the hallmark of this firm is their focus on ecology. Having a design philosophy guided by a vision that focus and prioritise the health and well-being of the user above all else, is probably the reason why they are tasked to design this Historic Development. They incorporate the latest innovations in the industry with logical construction, clean finishing, optimisation of light and space, minimum energy consumption, and intelligent utilisation of resources, which is in line with Singapore’s vision of being a Smart and Sustainable Nation.


Marina One Design Concept


The Landscape architect, Gustafson Porter is a London based landscape design firm. Their team is known to push the envelope and create contemporary, fascinating landscapes that play with textures, colours and geometry to produce a visual symphony that is absolutely breathtaking.



Marina One Residences will undoubted reap the benefits of superior landscapes and picturesque surroundings. When the design team responsible for creation of Marina One Residences are so highly accomplished, it is safe to assume that the property is the architectural marvel in every sense.


With a touch of Nature


Marina One consists of two office towers, two residential towers and a retail podium. The project’s centerpiece is the “Green Heart”, which upon completion will become the largest public plaza in the CBD.



Marina One is designed to seamlessly connect its 65,000 sqft Green Heart which consists of 4,000 species of plants, multi-level sky garden and terraces with 3 nearby Parks. Flanked by Marina Station Square, Central Linear Park and the nearby Gardens by the Bay. Marina One is the only plot that will have two gardens at the front and back of the development (Marina Station Square and Central Linear Park). To understand the full design concept of the Green Heart, view the landscape architect’s brief here.


The “Green Heart” Design


Such attributes help to improve residents daily lifestyle. Being close to and around greenery helps to improve one’s fresh oxygen intake in the mornings and overall wellbeing. Living at Marina One feels like being in a sanctuary within the city.



Facilities to be proud of


For individuals who want to workout, the state-of-the-art 200 square metre large gym and cosy lap pool is available.


Marina One Residences Gymnasium


Marina One Residences Pool


If a fitness club membership is preferred, Virgin Active is available within the retail podium. Residents can also join the many active individuals running around the Marina Bay vicinity daily, enjoying the views of the CBD skyline and the nature that Gardens by the Bay has to offer. Keeping active and fit doesn’t have to be boring and mundane.


People jogging around the Marina Bay Area


Suggested jogging map by Marina Bay Sands


The lifestyle at Marina One Residences is the epitome of luxury green living. Let’s take a look at the design of the different units.


Top-notch interiors for residents


The home interiors have been designed to perfection, with the sole objective of pampering those living at Marina One Residences. Most units offer great views of either the city skyline, surrounding greens or sparkling waters so that residents get a taste of luxury nature living.



Each unit have been constructed such that space, natural lighting and ventilation are optimally available in each unit. The interior fittings and fixtures are of the highest quality, assuring durability and style. The bath ware used is from Villeroy & Bloch while the kitchen appliances are from Miele.



The layout of every unit is curated with taste and chic, giving residents and guests the impression of a classy and exclusive feel. The spaces in each units are well thought and portioned to maximise live ability. Marina One Residences is a home every owner will be proud to invite friends and family to.


Diving into the details


The entire site covers 282,017 square feet, which is a huge plot in the CBD. Marina One Residences is a 99-years leasehold property that is available to locals, PRs as well as foreigners to purchase. It is not surprising to note that Marina One Residences attracted many seasoned investors globally and high net-worth individuals call this their home.


Marina One Residences comes with a whopping 1,042 units, distributed across two residential towers of 34 storeys. The development comprises 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom units as well as penthouses.



Here is the Marina One Residences unit types:


1 Bedroom units are 657 to 775 sqft

2 Bedroom units are 969 to 1216 sqft

3 Bedroom units are 1507 to 1539 sqft

4 Bedroom units are 2045 to 2250 sqft

Penthouses are 6491 to 8568 sqft


Units here cater to the varied needs of all kinds of household sizes. One is sure to find a home that is ideally sized and configured to meet their needs.


Taking a close look at the units


Marina One Residences has already been completed, and the show flat is located within the development itself and it is the perfect time where buyers can have a feel of how each unit types are configured. Interested parties can now see, feel and experience the amount of space that even a 1 bedroom unit has, and even the view that each unit will be getting.


Here are some recent pictures of Marina One Residences 1 Bedroom Show suite


1-Bedroom Show suite, Living area


1-Bedroom Show suite, Living area facing balcony


1-Bedroom Show suite, Balcony area, Facing Landscape


1-Bedroom Show suite, Bedroom area


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The Marina One Residences Value


Here are the starting price listed for each typical unit type at Marina One Residences (as of December 2018). These units are sold directly through the Developer.



A comparison with other nearby Marina Bay developments


Marina One Residences is the latest development in the Marina Bay area, in order to determine whether Marina One Residences price is at fair value, lets look at the surrounding developments and their prices.



According to research done, units at Marina One Residences are still transacting at a slightly lower S$PSF than one of its nearby developments – Marina Bay Residences, despite being the newest development among them all. This shows that Marina One Residences price is not over priced given it that the development is completed 8 years after Marina Bay Residences and is still priced below. To add on, prices at Orchard Road vicinity has transacted close to S$4,000 PSF in March 2019, this means that prices in the Marina Bay area still have room to move upwards eventually.


MadeinSGProperty Verdict



Located at the heart of Singapore’s new CBD – Marina Bay, developed by Singapore and Malaysia’s Government, priced at fair value, Marina One Residences is a development like no other. Whether it is a home or an investment property, this is a development that should be in anyone’s property portfolio for the med to long term. Marina One Residences is also the only “New” stock available on the market as all other condo developments had been completed years before. Owning a home at Marina One Residences would be a joyous proposition for anyway who loves nature, convenience, and luxury.


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